Fortin Group currently has no plans for re-development.

We are actively participating in the City’s Downtown Livability Initiative to better understand the needs of residents and business owners, and how we can work together to enhance the quality of life, and quality of experience, for users of Downtown Bellevue.

Fortin Group is invested in the long-term success of Downtown Bellevue and we appreciate opportunities to work collaboratively with residents, City Staff and Officials towards building a healthy, pedestrian friendly community for residents in and around the Downtown.

CLICK HERE to access background materials, reports, Citizen Advisory Committee meeting minutes and schedules, and public engagement events from the City of Bellevue.

The Citizen Advisory Committee completed its work related to the Livability Initiative at the June 18th, 2014 public meeting. A summary of the CAC’s work and recommendations is available HERE

The Planning Commission completed its work related to the Livability Study and associated Land Use Code updates at their May 24th, 2017 meeting; audio recording of that meeting is available HERE

The City Council held numerous study sessions beginning in June 2017 to review the CAC and Planning Commission recommendations for the Downtown Livability Initiative. At those study sessions council heard testimony from the public and discussed various topics related to Downtown Livability including building height and density, publicly accessable open space, tower seperation, floor plate size, parking and the amenity incentive system. Having reached thurough understanding and consensus during these study sessions, the City Council approved the recommended zoning changes related to Downtown Livability Monday, October 16. For further details please visit our News section to read the City of Bellevue’s press release. 

Fortin Group wishes to thank all the dedicated individuals and organizations that worked tirelessly to bring thoughtful zoning to fruition: City of Bellevue Staff, City of Bellevue Downtown Citizen Advisory Committee (co-chairs Aaron Laing and Ernie Simas), City of Bellevue Planning Commission, The Bellevue Downtown Association, The Vuecrest Neighborhood, The Northtowne Neighborhood, All Downtown Property Owners, All Downtown Bellevue Developers, and of course all current and past members of the Bellevue City Council 2006 - 2017.


Downtown Livability