What if the property was developed today?

This is a representative project reflecting past zoning regulations in place from 1981- Fall 2017:




Site Master Plan


After careful analysis it became apparent that current zoning standards when applied to our site do not provide a built environment consistent with resident and neighborhood needs, nor would that built environment accomplish the goals set forth by the City. We have examined our parcels carefully and believe through smart planning and managed growth our properties can become a model of great urban design while keeping the neighborhood character.

We have assembled a team of urban design, transportation and land-use experts to help us better understand the opportunities of our site. It is through this understanding, accompanied by active participation in the City’s public process, that we have formulated a thoughtful and considerate master plan for our properties.


Please click the image below to view our master plan. Our master plan was used for advocacy during the Downtown Livability Initiative and is not necessarily representative of approved zoning changes.